Notification of Stock Issue re ORACOL™ Oral Fluid Swabs

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Delayed Delivery of Oral fluid swabs to NVRL

UCD NVRL has been notified by ORACOL that, due to unprecedented international demand, there will be a delay in its scheduled delivery of oral fluid swabs to the NVRL. As a result of this delay, the NVRL has informed HPSC that the lab is currently out of stock of these devices (also called oral fluid swabs). These are used for the testing of oral fluid for suspected measles, mumps and rubella cases for virus (PCR testing) and IgM response.

Next delivery of Oracol™ swabs is expected towards the end of March.

In the intervening period UCD NVRL believes that most Departments of Public Health have supplies, as substantial numbers of the swabs have been issued in recent weeks.

Recommendations in the absence of Oracol™ swabs

  •  As oral fluid testing is the test of choice for suspected measles, mumps and rubella infections, please use oral fluid swabs if you have them available  

  • If you do not have any oral fluid swabs, you may be able to request from a neighbouring area (HSE)


  • You can obtain a serum sample for IgM and/or IgG testing (IgG only if indicated).
  • For PCR testing to detect virus, in the absence of an oral fluid swab, you can use a viral throat swab that may be available.

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