NOTES and  Images for introduction to Haematology Course

In this series,

You will learn the normal function of the liver, and how liver disease presents and where viral causes of infection sit in the overall causes of infection,

Then we will review each of the viruses that specifically and primarily cause Hepatitis A, B C, D, E,

What Hepatitis looks like when there is co-infection with HIV

The newly occurring Non A-E Paediatric Hepatitis - update on developments

And review Liver Transplantation and Clinical Cases

An introduction to Viruses

This course of lectures will cover the basics of how viruses function. There will be a general introduction to what a virus is, how they enter the host and evade the immune system, to replicate and redistribute themselves, and in doing so, cause disease to their host.  How viruses are classified will be reviewed and then virus groups will be reviewed, wither by family or clinical syndrome. A number of NVRL staff will contribute to this programme.

This course is especially designed for transition year students that are interested in expanding their knowledge about viruses and virus diagnosis.