Respiratory Screening at the NVRL

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For the upcoming respiratory season, the NVRL will routinely carry out Influenza A (including H1/H3 subtype analysis), Influenza B, RSV, Parainfluenza viruses 1-4, Adenovirus and Human Metapneumonvirus testing on all requests for respiratory virus investigations. All testing will be carried out using molecular methods.

This season it is intended to increase the repertoire of molecular tests routinely offered to hospitalised patients for rhinovirus/enterovirus, coronaviruses, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydiae pneumoniae. Testing will be initially provided for secretory cellular samples including aspirates and BAL specimens.

Immunofluorescence (IFA) testing will no longer be provided routinely for screening for respiratory infection. However, as IFA investigation provides evidence of virus replication, it has a role in monitoring or confirming the presence of replicating virus and thus can be utilised for infection control purposes. Additional testing for Pneumocystis jiroveciiCMV and HSV DNA will also be available, by request, on immunocompromised patients. 

The recent refurbishment of the virus culture laboratory has been completed and the new laboratory will be operational later this month.

All medibridge users will be notified via email of the change in test code which will come into effect on the 17th October. Please direct any clinical queries on this issue to the NVRL clinical team on 01-7164401 or any IT issues to the IT department at 01-7161346.