• Limited Service - Monday 16 October - Storm Ophelia


    Routine testing has completed today and the NVRL will be reverting to Out of hours testing from 12 noon today.

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  • UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory - Annual Report 2016


    The National Virus Reference Laboratory Annual Report for 2016 can now be viewed on the following link here

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  • *********Electronic Results - Interruption **************


    ***Update 3***

    Following our checks and system testing we are happy to notify users that normal servrice has resumed. All files not sent over the past number of days have now been transmitted. This mornings results have also been transmitted.

    We would like to appologies again for any inconvience caused by this disruption.

    ***Update 2***

    24/04/2017 17:25

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  • Faulty Batch of Aptima Collection Device



    We have been notified by Hologic, the manufacturer of the Aptima Collection device, that a faulty batch of Multitest Collection device(185654H expiry 30/11/2017) was distributed in error. If you have received a delivery of multi test collection devices matching this lot number please notify the NVRL by email( for replacement kits.
    Please dispose of the faulty collection devices as per manufacturers recommendation.

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  • Christmas 2016 -Opening Hours


    The following arrangements are in place for UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory service over the Christmas period


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  • New Online Forms Launched for Release of Patient Results & Requesting Results


    Two new online forms have been launched on our website.

    The first form is for the release of results to a clinician OTHER than the original requesting clinician. This form can be viewed here

    The second form is for the release of copy results to the original requesting source only*. This form can be viewed here

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  • Delay in Trichomonas vaginalis testing


    Due to an unforeseen technical issue the Trichomonas vaginalis testing will be delayed until Wednesday 23rd November

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  • Respiratory Screening at the NVRL


    For the upcoming respiratory season, the NVRL will routinely carry out Influenza A (including H1/H3 subtype analysis), Influenza B, RSV, Parainfluenza viruses 1-4, Adenovirus and Human Metapneumonvirus testing on all requests for respiratory virus investigations. All testing will be carried out using molecular methods.

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  • Delay in HBV DNA testing - UPDATE


    *** The technical issue has now been resolved and testing has resumed as nornal***

    Due to a technical issue, there is a delay in HBV DNA testing. We hope to resolve this issue and resume testing on Monday 5th September 2016.

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  • Guidance for Healthcare Professionals Regarding Zika


    For your information, the following guidance for healthcare professionals regarding Zika virus infection is available on the HPSC website.


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