• NVRL INAB Update: Sexual Health Laboratory


    Sexual Health Laboratory at UCD NVRL: Change to INAB accreditation status

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  • Notification of Stock Issue re ORACOL™ Oral Fluid Swabs


    Delayed Delivery of Oral fluid swabs to NVRL

    UCD NVRL has been notified by ORACOL that, due to unprecedented international demand, there will be a delay in its scheduled delivery of oral fluid swabs to the NVRL. As a result of this delay, the NVRL has informed HPSC that the lab is currently out of stock of these devices (also called oral fluid swabs). These are used for the testing of oral fluid for suspected measles, mumps and rubella cases for virus (PCR testing) and IgM response.

    Next delivery of Oracol™ swabs is expected towards the end of March.

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  • HPSC Notifiable Disease List - Update


    Infectious Disease (Amendment) Regulations 2018 - new diseases added to list of notifiable diseases

    • neonatal herpes simplex,
    • carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae infection or colonisation,
    • mcr-positive Enterobacteriaceae and
    • novel or rare antimicrobial resistant organisms (NRAO)
    are now on the list of notifiable diseases in Ireland under the Infectious Diseases (Amendment) Regulations 2018 SI 567 of 2018.

    For detailed information follow these links to the HPSC website:

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  • Introducing the 2019 UCD NVRL User Survey


    UCD NVRL provides a consultant-delivered, quality driven, clinically relevant, diagnostic and reference virology service for the investigation of patient samples,in line with national and international ‘best practice’ (UCD NVRL Quality Policy, Ed 14.0, 2018).

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  • Laboratory Service Christmas 2018


    The following arrangements are in place for UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory service over the Christmas period.


    Please click here to view arrangements.



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  • Resumption of HAV IgG testing


    Further to previous correspondence dated 04/10/18, I am happy to advise that the NVRL has been able to secure kits of unaffected lot numbers.

    HAV IgG testing was restored the afternoon of Thur 4th Oct when an unaffected lot number was procured. All affected lot numbers have now been replaced and no further delays are anticipated.

    We are currently working with the supplier Abbott Laboratories to ascertain the impact, if any, on previously tested samples and may be in touch further as necessary.

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  • HAV IgG Testing - Notice


    In accordance with the Field Safety Notice(FSN) document avilable in the link below, there is currently no HAV IgG testing available at the NVRL.

    Please note that HAV IgM testing is still available as we have an alternative assay platform on site.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and assure you that we are working with the manufacturer to recommence HAV IgG testing locally as soon as possible.

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  • Telephone Line Technical Issues - UPDATE



    Our serivce provider has resolved the technical issues and all telephone lines are operating as normal now.


    Due to a technical issue beyond our control we are currently experiencing issues with our Clinical Results Line, 01 716 4418.

    Until the issue is resolved please dial 01 716 4440

    For all other queries please call 01 716 1220

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  • Update on changes to viral meningitis/encephalitis diagnostic testing


    Further to our previous correspondence in relation to the above issue, please accept our apologies for the delay implementing same.

    Whilst this move was scheduled for March, we had to postpone it due to unexpected difficulties accessing kits. We believe this issue has now been resolved. As such, from June 27th onwards, the NVRL will screen all Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) specimens received for testing using the FTlyo Viral meningitis real-time PCR assay from Fast-Track Diagnostics (FTD).

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  • Clinical Telephone Line Technical Issues


    Due to a technical issue beyond our control we are currently experiencing issues with our Clinical Results Line, 01 716 4418.

    Until the issue is resolved please dial 01 716 4401 and choose option 2.

    We appoloigies for any inconvience caused.

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