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Updates to testing provided by NVRL Viral Serology Laboratory



Unfortunately, UCD NVRL must inform users that some tests are affected by staff shortages as a result of high levels of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the community.

The following update is appropriate starting Monday 10th January 2021.

1. Cessation of VZV IgM testing – this test will be dropped from the testing schedule

 2. Mycoplasma IgM will be tested once a week with a subsequent change in Turn-around-time (TAT) to 7 days

 3. HIV Avidity testing will be suspended for 6 months

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Potential Shortage of CMV IgM testing capacity


Unfortunately, UCD NVRL must inform users that Vidas™ CMV IgM kits are in short supply. Following our CMV Immunity/Infection algorithm, an alternative serology assay is available to assist in the diagnosis of CMV infection and samples are being tested on this alternative assay.

This Vidas™ shortage is expected to be resolved in the coming week.

UCD NVRL apologises to our users for any inconvenience that may arise. Please address any queries to 01-7164418

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Testing in NSLB (Backweston) on TaqPath ThermoFisher SARS-CoV-2 PCR (Taqpath)


Please note the following mandatory requirements when referring samples for Taqpath testing at NSLB, Backweston.

 Sample CT value must be <30

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Continued Referral of HIV Resistance to PHE Colindale


Customer Notification: HIV Resistance testing continues to be unavailable at NVRL


Due to continued staffing constraints at the NVRL, the temporary suspension of in-house HIV drug resistance announced on 17th June 2021 (CN-21-13) remains in place.

Specimens for resistance testing will be referred to PHE Colindale until further notice, and subsequent referral reports will be issued to users.  No change to the test request codes is required.

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Cessation of Referral of Samples to PHE Porton Down for Neuroborreliosis


Lymes Disease/Borrelia burgdorferi/Neuroborreliosis:

Cessation of Referral of Samples to PHE Porton Down


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CN-21-20: Updated Directions to NVRL, UCD, Belfield Campus


Following on from a number of issues regarding deliveries to NVRL, including out of hours’ sample delivery, please see updated information regarding NVRL location on the UCD Belfield Campus. Maps are provided in this notification.


The NVRL does not have a building specific Eircode, we are working to obtain one with An Post. As an alternative in the meantime, our Google Plus code is the following: 

8Q5H+6Q, Dublin

Entering this code in Google or directly on google maps will give our precise location on campus. 

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About the NVRL

The UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) provides a diagnostic and reference service for clinicians investigating viral infections throughout Ireland. The laboratory is affiliated to the University College Dublin School of Medicine. The NVRL have provided a virology diagnostic service to the Irish health service for over forty years.

We currently perform over 700,000 tests annually, involving some 120 tests for 40 different pathogens and provide specialist reference services which have been developed as a result of medical and technical expertise built over many years. We are proud to offer our service users accredited tests in line with national and international “best practice”.

Hours of service

Normal Opening Hours:        Monday to Friday:       8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

The laboratory routinely operates from 8.00 am to 6.00 p.m. daily but officially opens from 8.00am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Job Vacancies


The NVRL is accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) to undertake testing as detailed in the Schedule bearing the Registration Number 326MT, in compliance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 15189:2012 "Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence".


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