*********Electronic Results - Interruption **************

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***Update 3***

Following our checks and system testing we are happy to notify users that normal servrice has resumed. All files not sent over the past number of days have now been transmitted. This mornings results have also been transmitted.

We would like to appologies again for any inconvience caused by this disruption.

***Update 2***

24/04/2017 17:25

Our connection has been restored and we are currently testing our network and systems that were affected by the outage. If no issues are found we will begin electronically transmitting results from the 15th April on.

This should occur over the next few hours. 


21/04/2017 16:08

Transmittion of electronic results will not be restore today, Friday 21st. We estimate that it will be sometime on Monday or Tuesday before the connection is restored.

We are experiencing issues with our I.T. network since Saturday 15th April. At present we are unable to send results electronically.

The problem is being actively worked on. It is estimated that we will be back transmitting files on Friday 21st in the afternoon, however it is possible that it may be early next week.

All electronic files from the past few days that have not been sent will be transmitted when the connection has been restored.

Sample testing and paper results sent via post have not been affected by this interruption.

Please check this page again for furhter updates.

We appologies for any inconvience caused.