NVRL test name description changes

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In order to standardise our test naming system, the following format will be used: virus, target, test kit name or identification of the test as a laboratory developed test (LDT). Unfortunately, our Laboratory Information System (LIS) is limited to only 30 characters. As a result, some viruses such as Hepatitis B (HBV) and Japanese Encephalitis (JEV) and some kit names such as FastTrack (FT) may have to be abbreviated. The following are some examples of the recent changes:

  • Hepatitis E IgG (Fortress) to Anti-HEV IgG (Fortress)
  • Measles RNA to Measles RNA LDT
  • Human Metapneumovirus (FA) to hMPV RNA Filmarray

This change has been implemented to better facilitate the requirements of clause 5.8 Reporting of Results ISO 15189:2012 and COM.40200 and COM.40630 from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) checklists.

The NVRL IT department will provide specific information including relevant test codes to all users who interact with us electronically

Please contact the NVRL at 01 716 1315 if you would like to discuss this matter further