HPSC Notifiable Disease List - Update

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Infectious Disease (Amendment) Regulations 2018 - new diseases added to list of notifiable diseases

• neonatal herpes simplex,
• carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae infection or colonisation,
• mcr-positive Enterobacteriaceae and
• novel or rare antimicrobial resistant organisms (NRAO)
are now on the list of notifiable diseases in Ireland under the Infectious Diseases (Amendment) Regulations 2018 SI 567 of 2018.

For detailed information follow these links to the HPSC website:


Other updates: Syphilis and Lyme (neuroborreliosis)

Changes to CJD and vCJD notification requirements
(both suspected and/or confirmed cases can be notified):

All medical practitioners and laboratories are required to notify these diseases to the Medical Officer of Health. Information on the process of notifying diseases is available at http://www.hpsc.ie/notifiablediseases/notifyinginfectiousdiseases/