Updates to testing provided by NVRL Viral Serology Laboratory

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Unfortunately, UCD NVRL must inform users that some tests are affected by staff shortages as a result of high levels of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the community.

The following update is appropriate starting Monday 10th January 2021.

1. Cessation of VZV IgM testing – this test will be dropped from the testing schedule

 2. Mycoplasma IgM will be tested once a week with a subsequent change in Turn-around-time (TAT) to 7 days

 3. HIV Avidity testing will be suspended for 6 months

UCD NVRL apologises to our users for any inconvenience that may arise. Please address any queries to 01-7164418

These changes are effective from today 10th January 2022. The NVRL User Manual will be updated in due course.
If samples are already submitted for any of the tests listed, these should be processed if appropriate. 
NVRL Reference: CN-22-1