Update: Notification of Global Supply Shortage of Hologic Aptima Collection Devices

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From March 1st 2022 UCD NVRL were made aware of global shortages of the following collection devices provided by Hologic:

  • Aptima® Multitest Swab Specimen Collection (Vaginal; Throat; Rectal; Penile meatal)   Kit No. 03546
  • Aptima® Urine Specimen Collection (Male and Female Urine Specimens)                      Kit No. 301040
  • Aptima® Unisex Swab Specimen Collection (Female endocervical/Male urethral)          Kit No. 301041 (very limited supply - please note Multitest Swabs are an alternative option)

These shortages are as a result of recent  SARS-CoV-2 surges in the USAHologic has confirmed that they are in the advanced stages of rectifying these matters and assure us that they will soon be providing additional manufacturing capacity with delays ceasing in the coming weeks.

Regrettably, until these matters are completely resolved, UCD NVRL are not in a position to complete orders in full as we must distribute the stock we have on site across multiple service users. 

Every effort is being made to complete orders in a timely manner however some sites may experience delays based on the size of their order and when we receive stock from Hologic. 

Should you receive an incomplete order and still require additional collection devices please submit a new order. 

Please always remember to check expiry dates on devices before  their use.

UCD NVRL sincerely apologises for the evident inconvenience caused; this situation is outside the control of UCD NVRL.

Reference: CN-22-3