Chlamydia trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae sample suitability

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Sample suitability criteria for the APTIMA Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria
gonorrhoeae (NG) assay (APTIMA Combo 2)

Recently, we have noticed an increased number of urine samples arriving at the NVRL for the APTIMA Combo 2 assay which do not adhere to the sample collection criteria as described on the collection devices. The sample suitability criteria are outlined below for your information.

  1. The Genprobe APTIMA Combo 2 assay for CT/NG is validated for swabs (endocervical, vaginal, male urethral), male and female urine and PreservCyt solution liquid Pap samples. Other specimen types including eye, rectal, anal, pharyngeal and throat swabs have also been validated at the NVRL and can be investigated when required.

  2. Specimens can only be processed using APTIMA specimen collection kits. These kits can be obtained from the NVRL by emailing (please use APTIMA CT/NG in the subject line). Other collection devices cannot be used to obtain samples.

  3. The level of the urine in the APTIMA collection device be between the two black indicator lines on the tube. If the volume is above or below this window the sample is unsuitable for investgation.

  4. If a specimen container arrives with no swab, two swabs, a cleaning swab or a swab not approved for the collection, the specimen is unsuitable for testing.

  5. Samples are only suitable for investigation if they arrive at the laboratory within 30 days of collection for urine and within 60 days of collection for swabs (when stored at room temperature).

To ensure the quality and validity of the result generated, any specimen received after the 5th April 2013 which do not adhere to the specified collection criteria will not be investigated. If you have any queries please contact a member of the NVRL clinical team on 01 716 1240/1349/1359.