Change in NVRL Mycoplasma pneumoniae testing

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Change in NVRL Mycoplasma pneumoniae testing

 – implementation date 6th March 2023


NVRL is delighted to inform our users that as of 6th March 2023 we will be investigating serum samples requesting Mycoplasma pneumoniae for IgM and IgG antibodies.

NVRL is implementing the DiaSorin Liaison XL™ Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM and IgG assays, which will replace the current BioRad M. pneumoniae IgM assay. The addition of M. pneumoniae IgG will further aid the diagnosis and interpretation of M. pneumoniae serology. The Liaison XL™ is a widely used testing platform in NVRL.

Note regarding Antibody response: the IgM response may be attenuated (lessened) in repeat infections. In early infection a weakly reactive or equivocal IgM result may be reported and a follow up (convalescent sample) in 7-10 days may be useful to demonstrate a rise in IgM titres and/or seroconversion of IgG to confirm the diagnosis. Mycoplasma pneumoniae molecular test is available in the NVRL as part of the respiratory screen. 

NVRL IT department will provide specific information including relevant test request codes.

Please contact 01-7164401 if you have any further questions.