HIV-1 genotypic antiretroviral resistance testing

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Change to the testing procedure for HIV-1 genotypic antiretroviral resistance determination

The TRUGENE assay (Siemens Healthcare) is being withdrawn from the market this year and will be replaced at the NVRL in February 2015 by a laboratory developed sequence based assay covering 1.2kb of the HIV-1 polymerase gene. The output sequence will be analysed using the interpretation systems of the HIV drug resistance database – Stanford University ( to identify the presence of antiretroviral drug resistance mutations. The report template and the test requesting form are attached for your information. This assay extends the available sequence to the entire gene encoding the protease and 240 amino acids of the reverse transcriptase protein. The limit of detection is 500copies/ml HIV-1 RNA.

The NVRL will continue to provide the antiviral testing service for the HIV-1 integrase gene and CCR5 tropism determination service through the envelope gene sequence as usual. The turnaround time for each assay is 14 working days. The required sample volumes are 1 x 5ml EDTA blood for one assay and 2 x 5ml EDTA blood for all three assays. Genotypic antiviral drug resistance testing for Hepatitis C (NS3 gene), influenza (neuraminidase gene) and CMV (UL97 gene) viruses is also available at NVRL.

If you have any queries in relation to the above please don’t hesitate to contact the laboratory on 01 7161240.